Welcome!  I’m Rachael Costello, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in private practice based in Northern Illinois. I provide nutrition counseling for a variety of medical diagnoses and those dealing with food allergies and family feeding issues. I also focus on healthy eating across the lifespan, including weight loss and chronic disease management and prevention.

I believe that families can enjoy meals together in a positive way.  We can use the dinner table as a bonding time.  It does not have to be stressful or overwhelming, no matter the variety of food allergies, dietary restrictions or mealtime behaviors you are dealing with.

I believe that eating with food allergies does not have to focus on what you can’t eat but on the many foods you can.  I will show you how to find new and delicious things to eat while avoiding your allergens and staying safe.  I have three children with food allergies, so I am living this, I get what you are going through!

I want to help you feel good and eat good food.  If you are in need of weight loss,  I can work with you to develop healthy eating habits and make long-term changes to improve your health. This can involve menu planning, grocery store tours and pantry makeovers.  I am with you through it all.

I use a telehealth system called Healthie.  We have consults via video, which means there is a lot of flexibility.  Even if you are living a busy and hectic life, we can easily have a session.  Healthie also offers a texting service and a meal logging component.  You can text me with questions, successes, and pictures anytime, at no extra charge as long as you have appointments scheduled. This means much greater accountability, leading to permanent lifestyle change.  Healthie also uses a free app, so you really can do this all, on the go.