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Fall Re-Boot

Autumn is a time of change.  School is back in session, leaves are turning beautiful new colors and you want to make some healthy changes in your life after a summer that may or may not have included overindulgences.

Join me on a 30-day reboot to get back on track.  It will run September 18th through October 17th . This is a completely virtual program, using the Healthie platform. We have a one hour,  initial virtual consultation during week one where we discuss your current eating habits, lifestyle, and exercise along with any medical concerns.  We will outline achievable goals to get you headed in the right direction.  There will be 2 15-minute follow-up sessions where we build on what you have learned and keep you on track and moving.  During the 30 days, you will have complete access to the food and photo logging component of Healthie as well as texting capabilities if any questions come up between sessions.  I will provide you with diet education and complete support so that you learn healthy habits applicable to your life.  I also teach menu-planning and prepping so you can keep this up on your own.  Local clients are also able to add a grocery tour at a reduced rate.

This is a great program to get your healthy eating habits tuned up and ready to face the upcoming holiday season with all it’s running around and temptations. I check in with you several times a week via text and comment on your food logging and will push you to keep it up. I will only be accepting a small number of clients for this program to give you the best results.  The cost for this amazing program is only $300.

Sign up today at Work With Me


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